Super Jack

When maintenance is required on your fleet, this sturdy and dependable device can lift and secure the largest haulage trucks in the world. For excellent stability when pulling tires and wheel groups from trucks, we offer two models: BD-SJ150, BD-SJ240.

This is the only certified two point lift Jacking System for 300 to 400 ton trucks.

The B&D Super Jack enables workers to perform the required maintenance to your vehicles in a secure and safe environment. Easy to operate, requiring only one individual, the Super Jack can double as a safety stand while the work is being done on the truck and if you need to use it to lift other vehicles simply replace it with a pair of custom engineered B&D Safety Stands.

The Super Jack is a fully computer controlled, hydraulically driven vehicle. It can sense the characteristics of the lift with a feedback screen that enables the operator to visually monitor the vehicle tonnage, tilt and limits.

Custom lifting attachments for your fleet

Custom lifting attachments can be designed for lifting your specific trucks. Call today to discuss your requirements.