Evolution Jack- Model EJ240

B & D Evolution Jack
EJ200, EJ240
When maintenance is required on your fleet of Mining Haul Trucks, the B & D Evolution Jack can lift & secure the world’s largest mining haul trucks. For excellent stability when removing and re-installing tires and wheel groups from trucks.
Models: EJ200 & EJ240
This equipment is the only certified two point lifting jacking system for the 240 ton to 400 ton (217 MT to 363 MT) Mining Haul Trucks.
The B & D Evolution Jack enables maintenance personnel to perform required maintenance to your vehicles in a secure, safe manner. Easy to operate and requiring only one individual, the B & D Evolution Jack is also an Engineered Safety Stand. If you need to use the Evolution Jack to lift other vehicles before the work is complete, simply add B & D Engineered stands. The Evolution Jack uses a wireless remote that senses tonnage, tilt and limits.
The EJ200 will lift all vehicles Komatsu or Cat (240 ton to 400 ton), and the EJ240 is for customers who have dedicated CAT 797, Komatsu 930, 960, 980 Haul Truck Fleets.
Custom lifting attachments can be designed for lifting your specific trucks, and every Jack includes one Aluminum Lifting Attachment Storage box