Evolution Jack-Model EJ200


When maintenance is required on your fleet, the B&D Evolution Jack can lift and secure the world’s largest haul trucks. For excellent stability when removing and re-installing tires and wheel groups from trucks. Each Jack includes one Aluminum Lifting Attachment Storage box
This equipment if the only certified two point lift jacking system for 240 ton to 400 ton (217 MT to 363 MT) haul trucks.
The B&D Evolution Jack enables maintenance personnel to perform required maintenance on your vehicles in secure, safe manner.
Easy to operate and requiring only one individual, the Evolution Jack can double as a safety stand while work is being performed on the truck. If you need to use the Evolution Jack to lift other vehicles before the work is complete, simply replace it with a pair of custom engineered B&D Manufacturing safety stands.

o Wireless radio remote operation
o Parker hydraulic system and Iqan control package
o Proportional hydraulic valves
o 12Vdc control wiring
o Pressure and level sensing
o Vehicle tilt warning
o Hydraulic controlled rear steering
o Working lights for operator
o Includes hydraulic prelift cylinders to eliminate the need for a front end double lift on some trucks by maintain bumper height to install lifting adapters
o Lower body height profile to improve upon line of site during positioning under haul truck lifting locations

Power (diesel) at sea level
Power, High Alt (diesel) at sea level 18 HP / 13.42 kW
40 HP / 29.83 kW
Motor speed 1800 rpm

Capacity 47L / 12.5 Gal US

Low voltage (controls) 12Vdc

Pump Piston pump, load sensing
Max operating pressure 2500 psi / 172 Bar
Oil flow 17 GPM / 64 LPM
Oil reservoir volume 106L / 28 Gal (US)
Oil filter 5 micron

Type Rear wheel casters

Type 2 wheel drive

EJ200 Load Rating 212Tons / 192 MT

EJ200 Gross weight 17500lbs / 7938kg

Base Footprint
EJ200 26.6 sq. ft. / 2.4 sq. m

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