Multi Handler (WMH_E_DC)

B&D Multi Handler
Increase safety, turnaround time and availability to your trucks using existing shop floor space. Designed for Caterpillar, Komatsu and Liebherr haul truck wheel motors, the B&D Multi Handler is Engineer certified and supported by B&D Manufacturing and distributors. The newly designed Multi Handler can pick up the Corner Group off the pallet, removing the need to use an overhead crane. This improves Safety while increasing production
• Certified heavy-duty frame to hold 50 tons (45 MT)
• Complete movement of wheel motor: X, Y, Z, Yaw, Pitch and Roll including rotation on cradle cams
• Computer controlled and wireless radio remote operated
• Diesel, DC battery or AC powered models available
• 6 all-wheel drive, heavy-duty grip, aggressive traction tires
• All 3 drive assemblies steer 45 degrees both directions (left/right) for 90 degrees in total
• Safe work platform with handrails
B&D Multi Handler Attachments
We manufacture a wide range of accessories for the removal and replacement of truck parts via the B&D Multi Handler’s quick attachment connectors.
• Pedestal Boom
• Front Strut Removal Tool
• Spindle Hub Removal Tool
• Corner Group Removal Tool
• Rear Wheel Group Removal Tool
Custom designed accessories to suit your fleet.

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